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Over the past several years, Andrew found that working with investors and developers was not enough for him. He always felt that there were 3 main human components to real estate investments, the developer the investor, and the real estate professional. All 3 need to understand the needs of the others in order to truly be successful. The challenge was that no one was connecting the 3 together, but Andrew's passion, experience, education, and skills could fulfill this need gap.

Education has always been a cornerstone to Andrew's business and as a part of his service he educates his clients about real estate investing. As with many successful athletes and entrepreneurs, Andrew shares the belief and value of mentoring and coaching. Andrew has been part of an organized business coaching program for the past 18 years, been a certified trainer for the past 15 years.

Even though Andrew has taught The Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing to thousands of investors in Canada and the U.S., he felt that the residential realtor was missing out on a huge component of their business model to properly service their clients. While at the same time many developers do not understand the mindset of an investor and as a result are also missing out on a huge part of the potential market for their product.

Since 2015, Andrew teamed up with Gerry Halstrom, one of Canada's leading real estate educators to teach residential realtors about investment real estate and how to grow and improve their businesses and lives through education and coaching.

Andrew Schulhof Real Estate Consulting is a service company specializing in investment real estate education, coaching real estate professionals, and creating investment project packaging for developers.


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Andrew knows that finding the right individual that understands your objectives is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why he offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Andrew Schulhof

A good coach and mentor needs to have a mix of education, expertise and empathy.  Andrew Schulhof has an abundance of these qualities, which are just part of the reason he is one of the most sought after coaches in the areas of Real Estate Investment, Entrepreneurial Training, Realtor and Investor Education, and comprehensive Developer Support.

 Obtaining his real estate license in Vancouver, BC in 1995, Andrew has advanced to a Property Management Designation Level plus a Managing Broker’s License.  In the past 15 years, Andrew has owned and operated successful brokerages specializing in real estate investing.  This, paired with his studies in the areas of the humanities, accounting and economics, his experience managing a large, retail/institutional business, and his specialty, investment real estate and project marketing, has generated a cumulative sales through his team of specialists of over 8,500 individually titled properties valued at $900 million CDN.

 Delivering a turnkey system for Real Estate Investors, Andrew delivers well beyond traditional services to his clients, providing insight in the analysis of real estate markets and property opportunities, developing property marketing packages with financial analysis tools and investment pro formas.  Working closely with Developers, Andrew designs first-rate Project Investor’s Packages uniquely tailored to each client.  Mr. Schulhof is an avid real estate investor, holding active positions on the property strata councils & condo boards for properties that he owns throughout Canada and in Hawaii. 

 Near and dear to his heart are the two causes Andrew supports, Worldvision, where he sponsors children and has volunteered abroad teaching English and the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.



UBC Sauder School of Business

  • Real Estate professional, 1995

  • Property Management Designation, 1999

  • Managing Broker Designation, 2000


  • Completed Frontline Leadership

  • Completed Effective Motivational Management

  • Completed Train the Trainer I & II

Activities & Affiliations

• Real Estate Investment Network, Member
• Real Estate Action Group, Member
• Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Member
• ProCoach Success Systems, Member
• Gerry Halstrom Seminars, Coach

Awards & Recognitions

•R.E.A.G. Diamond Member – 2014
•R.E.I.N Bronze Pin Member - 2013
•Special Appreciation Plaque, World Vision – 2002
•IPG Sales Excellence Award – 1999
•IIP President’s Award – 1994